Monday, August 9, 2010

Welcome To eBook Updates

Thank you for stopping by Deanetta's eBook blog. I have added many cool links and resources for those who are interested in eBooks for reading purposes or to author and self publisher. For those of you who happen to stumble across this blog other then through my web site you can find out more about me by reading my website. This will take you to my bio and also my Christian blog where I talk about everyday topics dealing with maintaining your Christianity while living in this world. I am an avid blogger and writer. You can view my website at

I pray some of the resources I have added to this blog can be of some assistance to you if you desire to publish your eBooks. If you would like to leave comments please feel free to do so. Also you can join me for devotional talk. Please feel free to join this blog site by clicking the follow link on the top right. Also you are welcome to read my published articles on relationship and eBooks through Ezine Article Directory and Article Seen. May God bless the reader.